Amakusa Five Bridges Hell Hot Spring

Amakusa Five Bridges-These five bridges connect the triangle-Oyano Island-Yongpu Island-Maejima-Matsushima. The scenery along the way is beautiful. Because this route is just an internationally renowned sightseeing route, it contributes a lot to Amakusa’s tourism industry. It attracts many foreign tourists to go sightseeing, and walks on it like a bridge expo. There are countless pearl farms in its waters, so it is also known as Amakusa Pearl Line. However, there used to be many Catholics martyred in Amakusa, so there are many remains of martyrdom left in the area for you to explore.

The most elite scenic spot in Beppu is hell hot springs. Ten hell hot springs in the city are all concentrated near the Tielun hot spring area. Among them, there are eight hot spring sightseeing routes that win with special landscapes. name. Such a rich hot spring landscape is a place that every tourist can’t miss when they come to Beppu, Japan. If you miss Hell Hot Spring, you can really go to Baoshan and go home empty-handed! Tourists can use the popular sightseeing books to browse all the beautiful scenery of Hell Hot Springs, which can be visited in about two hours.

Jinlin Lake formed by the confluence of hot springs, even in the severe winter season, the lake water is still steaming and is the source of morning fog in the basin. This area is full of interesting scenery, deeply infatuated with famous people such as Xie Yejingzi and Kitahara Baiqiu, and also makes tourists at home and abroad forget to return. It is also the most famous lake in Yufuin.

Tourists who wish to see Beppu Bay in person may wish to try a cruise to tour Beppu Bay. In particular, it can add more romance and sentiment to dining at sea. In addition to the seafood dinner, the afternoon tea yacht is also provided. Tourists can not only enjoy the food, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Beppu Bay. Panoramic view.

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