Banker training, improving citizens’ knowledge of savings

Capacity building of Mongolian bankers, learning and practical training, “World Savings Day” accession plan and closing ceremony were held at Mongolia Bank on the 2nd. Certificates of recognition were awarded to 41 bankers from 11 private banks who participated in the training. The plan was implemented for a year with the cooperation of the Bank of Mongolia and the International Savings Fund of the German Savings Bank Association.

J. Unembat, Chairman of the Mongolian Banking Association, said, “In order for users to select services that meet their standard of living, we are trying to enhance the banking staff’s ability to directly interact with users and improve the financial knowledge of society as a whole. This training played a major role. ” In addition, Mr. T. Malal Erdene, Public Relations Manager of Golombt Bank, who participated in the training, said, “We were able to gain the knowledge necessary for the bank staff to give correct advice to users. I learned from German experience.

We found it important for bankers to give the right advice for citizens to save. ” Since 2012, Mongolia has been providing advice on savings since 2012, hosted by the Mongolian Banking Association, on World Savings Day, which began on October 31, 1924. Since last year, member banks of the Bankers Association have been working together.

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