Central Honshu, Japan

The Kanto Plain is the birthplace of Tokyo, perhaps the most populous metropolitan area in the world. The Kanto Plain surrounds Tokyo and Yokohama, Izu and Kim Kenkura, extends southwest to Mount Fuji and Hakone, and north to Nikko. There are six counties in the Kanto region, excluding Tokyo. Most of the 30 million people are gathered in the Tokyo area.

The average population density in the Kanto region is 15,600 people per square kilometer, which is three times that of Los Angeles, but compared with Hong Kong, Mumbai, Jakarta and Mexico. However, many people think that the Tokyo metropolitan area is already too large, and recently it is being discussed that government agencies should be moved to other locations, possibly to Sendai in northern Tokyo. In fact, it was not until the first general of the Jin Jincang shogun, Lai Chao, that the historical record of this region began. Around 1180 AD he donated 90 acres of arable land to the Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo. Later, in 1456, a low-level daimyo built the first Edo city in Edo and began Edo’s historical record. In 1600, an Englishman who was rescued from a shipwreck became the first foreign guest of Edo and served as a private teacher for Tokugawa Ieyasu. Three years later, Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Tokugawa Shogunate for 250 years.

Edo suffered from natural disasters, among which the earthquake and the eruption of Mount Fuji were the most important. The most recent eruption of Mount Fuji in 1707 left Edo City covered with volcanic ash up to ten centimeters thick. In addition to Kanto, in the well-known central area, from Nagoya to the southwest is a highly industrialized area, and the pleasant Noto Peninsula and other areas along the coast of Japan are beautiful rural areas. Historical monuments include Kanazawa City, mountain resort Nagano City, and Sado Island ’s famous thunderous thunder.

Tokyo-Tokyo is bigger than Mexico City and is the largest city in the world. The highly populated Tokyo metropolis with a population of 30 million is the historical ancient shogun city, located in a zone where earthquakes are frequent. Generally speaking, most parts of Tokyo can be reached by a very convenient and economical railway network, but you have to avoid a few busy commuting hours. Trying to walk the streets of Tokyo, I seem to be extremely small.

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