Fukuoka Tower, Seaside Park, Hokkaido, Japan

Haizhongdao Beach Park is located between Hakata Bay and Xuanjie, with an area of ​​about 200 hectares. It has a large theater square and four seasons blooming wildflower gardens. A variety of Xuyou sightseeing facilities are filled with natural styles. Go on a tour.

In summer, SunshePool, which has six swimming pools, will be enthusiastically opened. In addition, children’s playgrounds with various innovative entertainment facilities such as interesting ferris wheels and animal forests will also be enjoyed with you. There are also two white crocodiles first seen in Japan, 25 kinds of sharks, etc. in the museum, which is one of the few aquariums in Japan. The dolphins and fur seals performed four times a day in the performance arena are quite rich and splendid, and are very popular among tourists. Next time you come to Japan, the waterfront park is a must-see tourist spot.

The Fukuoka Tower has a height of more than 200 meters and was built in commemoration of the Asia Pacific Expo held in Fukuoka in the 20th century. In terms of height, it ranks first among Japan ’s beach towers and the top among the world ’s tallest towers. It is also because of this that it attracts many famous tourists.

It is a tower covered by more than eight thousand semi-reflective mirrors. In July and August, the lighting is like the Milky Way in the sky, and it is dazzling during Christmas. Said. However, on the fifth floor of the Fukuoka Tower there is also an observation room where you can see the whole view of Fukuoka from 360 degrees. There is also a cafe on the fourth floor, suitable for many tourists to enjoy the night view and enjoy the romantic night atmosphere of Fukuoka.

Hirao Terrace is located on the vast lava plateau at the southern end of Kokura. Limestone blocks scattered on the grassland, like countless goats grazing. It is extremely interesting to engage in stalactite cave exploration, hiking, and track and field competitions here. It has also been discovered on this island that the Chinese emperor presented the golden seal of the Japanese king in the first century AD, and many people came here to admire it. However, tourists can also view the masculine Xuanjie Beach and the beautiful Hakata bend from the highest point of the island.

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