Hokkaido Abashiri travel experience drift ice wonder

The Abashiri is located in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Every winter and winter, there will always be a spectacular drift ice wonder, which is quite beautiful and spectacular. The beautiful drift ice is like the Milky Way in the sky. The countless drift ice of different sizes floating on the ocean and the sea, like the stars of the Milky Way, a little bit of starlight, attracting attention. Winter is the peak season of Abashiri. At this time, there will always be many tourists coming from afar, just to see the wonders of drift ice in Abashiri, or take an icebreaker to enjoy the drift ice river.

In addition to the drift ice river, there are many places to visit in Abashiri. For example, Abashiri ’s Prison Museum is one of them. The Abashiri Prison Museum, formerly known as Abashiri Prison, was established in the 23rd year of the Meiji era, and it was changed to a museum in the 59th year. It is open to tourists to visit and learn about the different worlds. The buildings inside the Abashiri Prison Museum include the main entrance of the prison, the prison where the inmates are housed, the hall, the bathing room, the court where the inmates are tried, and the confession room. a feeling of. Visitors can also learn about the harsh life of prisoners eating, bathing, etc. through the data model scene in the execution library.

Tiandu Mountain Liubing Museum is built on the top of Tiandu Mountain, and the temperature is maintained at minus 15 degrees all year round. Even in summer, you can experience the taste of severe winter. In the Tiandu Drift Ice Museum, drift ice drifting on the lake during winter is exhibited, allowing visitors to feel the chill when they approach. Taking an icebreaker in the Okhotsk Sea is the focus of Domoku’s tourism, so the museum is set up with equipment that allows visitors to simulate the driving of an icebreaker, allowing visitors to drive a simulated icebreaker in the museum and experience the shocking wonders of nature. In addition, you can go to the observation deck on the top floor of the Liubing Museum to enjoy the magnificent views of Abashiri City and Abashiri Lake, which is quite charming.

Although the Hokkaido National Museum of Northern Minorities was built in Hokkaido, in addition to introducing the Ainu people of Hokkaido’s aborigines, it also introduces the living conditions and characteristics of northern peoples in many other countries. It is hoped that through this introduction, more people will understand the northern peoples of other countries, and also let the people know more about the indigenous people of their own country. In addition, the museum also collected many important cultural relics and documents, and divided them into three items: food, clothing, and housing, and exhibited in the museum to show the long history of different nationalities.

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