Hokkaido honeymoon tourist attractions

Hokkaido with rich activities and natural scenery is the first choice for many honeymoons. Although there is no direct flight to Hokkaido, it can be reached in just three hours. The voyage is quite close and the tourism industry is fully developed. Favored by Taiwan travelers, whether it is the change of seasons of the four seasons, the feast of various fresh foods, or a dazzling array of handicrafts, every place lets new people linger.

Crabs: The variety of crabs produced in Hokkaido is huge and huge, which makes people who like to eat crabs addicted to it. Whether it is a cod farm crab with a foot and a half feet, or a hair crab that is quite precious in Southeast Asia, here are the food on the civilian table, the price It’s quite cheap and you can buy it everywhere. When you come to Hokkaido, you must try the most famous crab pot. It’s so delicious that you don’t miss the crab shell.

Lavender series: Lavender in Hokkaido is quite well-known, and because of this, the Japanese with business opportunities have developed a series of lavender food series, such as lavender ice cream, lavender Calpis, lavender black curry, lavender bread, lavender coffee, and even There is also lavender ramen! All kinds of novel lavender food taste quite chic, and it is not surprising that the unique aroma of lavender is used well.

Dairy products: When you come to Hokkaido, the milk producing area of ​​Japan, you must try a large amount of dairy products. In addition to the glass milk that is exclusively produced by farmers, you must drink it. A variety of milk cream cream, milk chocolate or homemade Secretary, every item is so delicious that I want to take it away.

Beer: The origin of the famous three-beer beer in Japan is actually in Hokkaido. When you come here, you must drink fresh beer here with your lover. It is recommended that you can go to the beer house next to the beer museum in Sapporo to drink freely. Visitors can enjoy crabs, prawns and various beef, mutton and chicken chops in a hundred minutes. Eat meat and drink without losing to European and American countries.

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