Karatsu Exhibition Hall

The Karatsu Palace Day Festival, held from the 16th century to the present day, is held on November 2.3.4 every year, attracting many tourists who come here. Since there are 14 vassals in the ancient Dangjin District, each country has its own auspicious representatives. Today, when the parade starts, this large mascot with a history of more than 100 years will use two-wheeled vehicles. Drag out and walk around the city of Karatsu. All the personnel dragged heavy mascots, the high morale of the advance, the appearance of dissipating the whole body of strength, often won the applause of the crowds of tourists and tourists. The Toyama Exhibition Center is open to the public and the public to visit these mascots, and videos are available for viewing. These mascots have been designated as important national intangible folk cultural assets.

Ureshino in the Edo period used to be a post on the Nagasaki Ancient Road, and Hizenimae Street was a theme park that showed the prosperous scenery of the Edo period. In the park, people can not only see the street scenes and buildings from Nagasaki to Kokura, but also service personnel wearing ancient costumes shuttle through it, which is full of interesting times. It not only has the style of the Edo period, but also the main point of Japan’s acceptance of foreign cultures, thus forming its own unique landscape. In the park, there is also a sedan chair holding Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s wife, Ji, and an ancient clock tower with hourly figures. In addition, there are many traditional delicacies and specialties to be tasted in the psychedelic house, ninja theater performances and darts field, which give many sightseeing tourists a sense of prosperity back to the Edo era.
Imari Dumbo Dumbo Festival is one of the three major fight festivals in Japan. Every year during the festival from October 22 to 24, people from all regions are always attracted to the festival. It started with the sound of drums, and young people wearing the same clothes and wearing towels on their heads collided violently across the city with floats and sedan chairs. During the battle on the last day of the fall, push each other until it fell into the Imari River, and then compete to land.

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