Renhe Temple, Japan

Renhe Temple is closely related to the Japanese royal family. Since ancient times, several emperors have abdicated and entered the Buddhist gates to exercise the power of the emperor ’s government in Renhe Temple. Therefore, Renhe Temple is also known as the Imperial Palace. It is also the main mountain of the Japanese Buddhist sect and has a high religious status. The Renhe Temple was built by Emperor Guangxiao Yu Renhe in two years. Afterwards, he was completely burned down in the rebellion of Yingren, and the temple was seriously degraded. Until the Edo period, he was completely reconstructed by the Tokugawa Shogun-Tokugawa Kako, then Yu Zhengbaosan It was completed in 1949 and the Zichen Hall and Qingliang Hall in the Kyoto Imperial Palace were built into Inwa Temple, and now it is the Golden Hall and the Royal Shadow Hall. The five-storied pagoda and the Second King Gate are rebuilt, and Inwa Temple finally restored its old concept.

In addition to the classical five-story pagoda and the two king gates, the royal palace of Renhe Temple, Tang Gate, Chenchen Hall, Lingming Hall, White Academy and Black Academy. The gardens in the Chenchen Temple are very beautiful, with clean white sand paving, and bamboo rakes are used to divide the stream into simple streamlines. The mountains, pond springs, and Yasong green cypresses decorate them, and strolling between them calms the mind.

In addition to enjoying the name of the highest format in the temple architecture, the flower feast under the cherry tree in Renhe Temple was also the first to open the air; the Japanese Heian era, affected by the Chinese garden culture, the noble’s preference changed from plum blossoms to cherry blossoms, and Renhe Temple Together with Kiyomizu Temple and Otani Kodai Temple, it is a famous place full of spectacular Yae Sakura.

The Renhe Temple in early spring has the title of Jingluo’s last flower, and it is on average ten days to two weeks later than the flowering period in Kyoto. In short, the flowering period of Kiyomizu Temple is the blooming period of Renhe Temple.

Renhe Temple is famous for the royal cherry. This kind of cherry is a kind of sakura, that is, the type of royal cherry. The biggest feature is that the cherry blossoms start to grow from the root, about 2,30 cm from the ground, unlike other cherry blossoms. How long it grows on the roots of branches, therefore, if the royal cherry blossoms are in full bloom, it can be said that from head to toe, the white and pink cherry blossoms are very dense. When the wind blows, the cherry blossom petals are lifted, which is more inspiring.

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