Ruifengdian Hakkoda Mountain

You can reach the Ruifeng Hall where the Date Masamune rests, and the remains of the Second Chronicle and the Third Chronicle are enshrined here. It can be said that the three lords The spirit temple made the visitor’s mood respectful.

The Ruifeng Temple, built according to the last words of Date Masamune, has a magnificent appearance and gleaming gold. It is a temple building that fully represents the style of the Taoshan era. It was once designated as a national treasure-level cultural property. Unfortunately, it was burnt down in the war of 20 years in the Showa era. The main hall, Nirvana Gate and Imperial Confucius Institute that I arrived in were rebuilt in the 54th year of the Showa era. It cost 800 million yen and five years to reproduce as much as possible.

The funerary objects excavated from the tomb of the main hall include: knives, painted stationery boxes, European gold brooches, jewelry boxes, etc., all of which are very delicate and exquisite high-quality products; and the excavation of the tomb and the investigation of antiquities are played in the museum The process of the film also shows a number of bronze statues made with the skulls of Zhengzong, Zhongzong, and Gangzong. The rich content is worth watching carefully.

Hakkoda Mountain is not only a synonym for hot springs and wetlands, but also an abbreviation of Hakkoda Lianfeng, which is collectively known as North Hakkoda and South Hakkoda. It is a part of the Nasu volcanic belt in northeastern Japan. Although the severe cold in winter often makes it difficult to get close to the Hakkoda Mountains and it is late in spring, hot springs, autumn reds, alpine plants, and wetlands make the Hakkoda Mountains allure. If you want to travel from the Hakkoda Mountains on the streets of Aomori City, there is a bus to the bus stop on the left in front of the car. The bus passes Yungu Hot Springs, about 40 minutes after the departure, and will stop at Xuanye Chaya Station first, allowing everyone to stretch their feet, which is convenient and convenient.

The area of ​​Xuanye Plateau is famous for tea. There is a proverb in the northeast saying that Xuanye tea has a lifespan of three years, two cups for six years, and three cups of health for returning to the west. What’s even better is that Xuanye Longevity Tea is almost free to drink in Xuanye Plateau. Xuanye Tea House at the bus stop is no exception. There are large teapots and countless tea cups at the entrance of the tea house. Guests are welcome to drink unlimited self-service.

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