The highest mountain in Hokkaido

Xuyue is the highest mountain in Hokkaido. It is mainly divided into Xuyue hot spring area and Tianrenxia hot spring area. The distance between these two areas is very far, and the transportation is very inconvenient. If you want to travel here, it is best to plan your travel itinerary first. In addition, it is necessary to ask about the traffic in advance to avoid being trapped in the hot spring area.

Before climbing Xuyue, visitors can go to the Xuyue Visitor Center of Daxueshan National Park to learn about Xuyue’s natural environment. The visitor center is divided into four parts, including topographic maps that introduce the topography of Daxueshan and Xuyue, and those who live tenaciously on Daxueshan The types of beautiful plants, the ecology of various hard-working animals and insects, the living conditions of Hokkaido ’s indigenous people in that year, and the history of the development of hot springs and resource development in the Xuyue area are all recorded in the visitor center. Is close to Daxueshan and Xuyue. In addition, there is a free guide service in the tourist visitor center. Tourists can take a walk in the nearby forest area under the guidance of the guide and get close to the nature of Xuyue on the spot.

Xuyue is the main peak of Daxue Mountain, with an elevation of 2290 meters, it is also the highest peak in Hokkaido. The scenery of Xuyue will change in different seasons, and it will be very beautiful and charming with the swamp flowers nearby. Tourists who want to go up the mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery can choose to take the cable car route that has just been completed, and take the cable car to the peaks near Xuyue to enjoy the beauty of Xuyue. If you are looking for excitement, you can try to climb to Xuyue along the hiking trail, but you need to make preparations before departure, because the weather on the mountain changes rapidly, and you may be in danger if you are not careful. Only be fully prepared.

The Tianrenxia Hot Spring, which is across from Xuyue Hot Spring, was developed into a hot spring area in the 30th year of the Meiji era. It is a deep mountain hot spring area. The hot spring water in the Tianrenxia Hot Spring Zone contains yellow salt, so the color of the spring water is yellow, but because the skin has great skin care effects, it is also known as the soup of beautiful skin. In addition, in the Tianren Gorge, there is a columnar joint fault, and the 270-meter-deep Yui Waterfall is the third largest waterfall in Japan. The whole Yuyi Waterfall is seen from a distance. The pure and imperfect water flows to the four sides after hitting the smooth rock. It is like the weaving cloth on the loom. It is very magnificent and beautiful, and it is refreshing.

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