Trip to Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido

Lake Shiko and Toya Lake in the southeast are also called Toya National Park, and are also very popular attractions. To get to Lake Shikotsu from Sapporo, take the JR express train to Chitose Line. It takes only 30 minutes to reach Lake Shikotsu.

When arriving at Lake Shikotsu, travelers can go to the Tourist Information Center first, or ask for a map of Lake Shikotsu in the Lake Shikotsu sightseeing case located next to Lake Shikotsu Bus Terminal before starting the journey. In the Shihu Lake sightseeing case, there are also exhibits of various natural animal models, photos, and videos. Taking a nature education course for visitors can increase a lot of knowledge about nature. If tourists are worried about missing the bus time during the journey and miss the bus, they can first go to the bus terminal to get the bus schedules and schedules to various attractions in order to arrange their travel itinerary.

Lake Shikotsu has a depth of 360 meters. The transparency of the lake can be seen 18 meters underwater. It is the second deepest lake in Japan after Lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture. It is also the northernmost non-icing lake in Japan. It is a beautiful lake in Japan. When you come here, you can feel the beautiful scenery of nature, and you can also feel the freshness of the outdoors. It is suitable for going out, or couples dating here. The lakeside of Lake Shikota is lined with trees and there are many birds inhabiting it, which is a good place to get close to nature. Visitors can also rent a small boat by the lake, paddling to the middle of the lake to feel the feeling of swinging in the clear and pure lake, the leisurely and peaceful feeling is charming and enchanting. Or take a sightseeing boat on Lake Shihu and take a round trip to Hushang to see the most beautiful scenery. If you want to do some activities, you can also choose speedboats, water bikes, canoes and other water activities to exercise tight nerves and muscles.

The gate of Moss Cave is located on the south side of Lake Shiwat. It is a 10-meter high and 420-meter long moss cave with more than 30 species of moss growing on it. It is a unique natural landscape. The gate of Moss Cave is formed by the lava erupted from the nearby Mount Zhanqian. Under the sunlight, the tunnel covered with moss will emit dazzling fluorescent light, with a strong sense of mystery. The feeling of coming is the same, giving people the illusion of another village.

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